Bequest for The Mobile Zoo

Bequest Program

Making a bequest to The Mobile Zoo is one way for you to help us protect the future of the wildlife and plants in our collective care.

The zoo's unique qualities make it possible for you to establish a bequest which best suits your personal priorities.

Your generosity will help to ensure the right of your family and future generations to enjoy the zoo experience we presently take for granted.

How to make a Will

To be legally valid, wills have to comply with certain legal requirements. For this reason we strongly recommend that legal advice is sought. Most Public Trustees and many solicitors can prepare your will free or for a small charge.

If there is no will, an estate will be allocated according to a formula under state laws, and if there is no next of kin your estate will go to the State Government.

If you already have a will you can simply add a supplement to the will which sets out your instructions for a bequest to the zoo.

Common Forms of Bequests

A residual bequest

After making provision for family and friends you can choose to leave what is left (the residue) to the zoo.

A percentage

Some people decide to share their estate among a number of people and allocate a percentage to beneficiaries. This overcomes the need to review your will regularly to take account of changes in your estate or to compensate for inflation.

Gifts of property

Artwork, stocks, bonds, shares, insurance policies, jewellery, antiques, a home or a farm can also be gifted in your will.

A specific cash sum

While a specific amount of cash is a common form of bequest, it does not allow for inflation. The real value of the gift can prove to be substantially less than intended due to the effects of inflation between the time of making the will and the allocation of the assets. It is preferable to allocate your estate by one of the above methods.

When making preparations to leave a sum of money, please consider a specific bequest to The Mobile Zoo and to a specific species, exhibit or project.

Please Note

All legacies, bequests and endowments to The Mobile Zoo are tax free.

More Information Please

If you would like to receive more information on the work of The Mobile Zoo, or discuss any aspects of a will or bequest, please contact our Bequests Officer by mail:

Bequest Program
The Mobile Zoo

15161 Ward Road, Wilmer, Alabama 36587

Or by phone on (251)649-1845 or via e-mail at

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Where the The Mobile Zoo has already been included in your will, you may wish to contact us so that we can discuss ways in which your gift may be recognised.