The Animals wish for some items to make them feel more comfortable and healthy. If you want to participate, please donate these things, we can't tell you how much they will enjoy them!

Do you wonder where your taxes are spent and wish the money could go towards your tax interests?
Donating to The Mobile Zoo gives you or your company a 100% tax break and you can see and/or say where you want the money to be spent or material used!

1. New or used reliable, economical, pickup or van to make feed and meat trips. Our current pickup has 180,000 miles (1989). The zoo really depends on this lifeline.

2. Feed bowls all sizes, and material.

3. ***Education building, to hold classes and meetings.

4. Pipe. All sizes 1 5/8" to 4 feet heavy guage steel or concrete any length..

5. Concrete bagged or truck loads. Used for pools, walkways and foundations.

6. PVC water line 1/2 to 3/4, fittings any kind and valves.

7. Lumber of various sizes, used to build houses, shelters, and barriers.

8. V-crimp galvanized tin roofing and heavier R panel roofing.

9. Electrical wire, romex sunlight resistant to run heaters or air conditioning for animals.

10. Air conditioners, refrigerator/freezers

11. Pool pumps and purification for Tiger and Bear pens.

12. Any kind of lime or fertilizer is used for the hoof stock pastures and for the reptile/monkey ----vegitable garden.

13. Gravel, stones, pavement.

14. Heavy field fencing, cattle panels, 6 foot or longer T posts, wooden posts and rail fencing.

15. Any kind of paint for exterior use, oil or water base.

16. Veterinarian examination table for the small animals and a hydrolic large animal operating table.

----The examination and operating room is already built.

17. Operating room overhead lights, oxygen equipment, automatic breather, large padding for ----recovery room walls, rubber matts, ECG equipment, any operating tools, and x-ray ----machine.

18. Chainlink to increase pen sizes. All heights.

19. A good used TV and baby toys for the Monks(primates).

20. Good quality used microscope so we can see those wiggly worms/eggs in the stools and blood of the animals. We can then attack potential problems as necessary.

21. Tree's, shrubs, grass, etc....